How to tell if your vote was counted

This year there is expected to be a record number of people going to the  polls.  So how can you tell if your vote was really counted?

Many, if not most, states allow for write in candidates.  Most local elections have one or more uncontested elections.  The polling results are usually posted in the local papers in the following weeks…. see where I am going with this….

So the solution is simple.  Pick a name of someone you know and write them in for one of the uncontested races.  It won’t change the results of the election, but when you read the local results, you should see your write-in candidate with a vote of 1.  :-).  I would use a real name, I’ve heard that some places throw out votes for famous people, Disney Characters etc…

I’m going to give this a shot, and see how it goes.


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