10 Reasons Wells Fargo Sucks – A warning to new customers

Wells Fargo Sucks – A warning to new customers.


It all begins.


Last year I decided to build a home, and be the general contractor. A contractor I knew well recommended his “good buddy” at Wells Fargo for the construction loan. He said they worked very well with Owner-builders.  I called up the loan agent, and indeed it seemed like an unusually smooth process for an owner-builder. So I made the commitment. During the construction process everything went smoothly and the local branch employees were great to work with.  There were a few extra fees added on to the loan, but that seems to be pretty much standard practice everywhere.


It is after the construction loan converted to the 30-year that the trouble began. In order to get all best rates, discounts etc. I needed to have a checking account from which automatic payments would be withdrawn.  No problem there.  Well if I wanted to have free checking and free checks, I needed a free savings account… No problem there either. Also in order to avoid mortgage insurance, an equity line of credit was opened up at the same time. So I opened all the accounts and it appeared that everything would go smoothly… and it did for awhile.


Side Note:       By the way… if you hate getting lots of crap in the mail… Wells Fargo sends all kinds of it…


The trouble starts:



After the first month’s billing cycle I notice a monthly service charge on the savings account. What the heck?  This is all supposed to be free of service charges.  So I email customer support via the website. I am subsequently informed that I need to maintain a $300 minimum balance.  I responded that I was never this and would deposit at least $300 to meet the minimum requirement, but wanted a refund for the charge.  Of course the refund was denied.


OK, one mess up… Maybe I just missed something…, but checking over the paperwork received, I could not see anything noting a minimum balance requirement. And the over-zealous agent never mentioned it either, he just said he need to transfer $20 from my checking account, and we would be set.



After the first month, I paid off the Wells Fargo equity line with an equity line from the home we were trying to sell (much lower interest rate). The Wells Fargo equity line now showed a zero balance.


I had not yet switched over my automatic payroll deposits, so I transferred money to my Wells Fargo checking account to cover the upcoming mortgage payment.  And rather than wait around for the auto-withdraw date and be paying interest I deiced to make the payment immediately using the online payment system.  I selected the option to apply the payment to my next payment due and clicked submit.


Another note:  It takes several days for payments to show up from one account to the other, unlike other banks where it is immediate. I am told this is because the Mortgage division is separate from the other banking divisions…


The payment finally posts, and it posted as a principle payment only! Well dang. So I use the online email system to contact customer service… They don’t give me much of an explanation of why it happened, but after a couple exchanges, they tell me they will have the payment applied as a regular payment…. It takes several days, and finally posts… Then I am informed that it has posted, AND that my automatic payment would still be required as well.  What the heck?  At US Bank, if I made a payment early, the automatic payment would not be drawn.  Rather than go through the hassle of contacting support again, I transferred more money into the account from my savings to cover the upcoming the auto-payment, and besides, it never hurts to pay down the mortgage early.



I made a few more small principle only payments online during the next month, and each time ended up contacting support to have the payments applied properly. I was really starting to get sick of it.  Finally our other house sold, so I made a large lump sum payment on the mortgage.  This time it took no fewer than 5 email exchanges to get the funds applied properly. The monies sat on the mortgage as “unapplied funds” for several weeks, during which time I paid interest I shouldn’t have been paying.


Another note of annoyance:   If you email customer support regarding your mortgage via the website, you get three replies. One saying the normal “We’ll get back with a response as soon as possible”… The other from a live representative saying the request has now been forwarded to the Mortgage division.  Then someone from the mortgage division, doesn’t use the online message system, but instead sends you a direct email with the response contained in a password protected pdf file.  The password is your loan #. Very annoying! Why don’t they just use the online message system, and who in the heck just carries around their mortgage account #?



The 3rd month comes along, and I get a message on my work phone from the local branch saying that I had over drafted the checking account.  I wasn’t using this checking account as my primary yet, so I had no idea what it could be for.


I look online, and see that an automatic payment was made to my equity line of credit… Yes the line of credit with a zero balance for two months…  I call the local branch and ask why a payment was made to an account with a zero balance.  She to is baffled by the situation, but promises to sort it out for me… She gets back to me and explains that the way interest was calculated at some cut-off period resulted in the interest charges not showing up until 2 months later!  I asked how I was expected to know that, and how I was expected to make a payment against a zero balance. She agreed that it was all a bit messed up, and took the effort to get the overdraft fees etc. refunded.  I have never over drafted an account in my life, so this was a first for me, and now I see how the fees can spiral out of control, with one fee covering another fee etc.



My payroll checks were now being direct deposited to my Wells Fargo checking account, but I was going to be a couple hundred dollars short for the next auto-draw mortgage payment on the next Monday. So on Thursday I initiated a transfer from my equity line to my checking account, so I would have enough to cover the auto-payment…. Along comes Monday… and I had been assessed a huge overdraft fee… “What the heck”? I ask myself. In looking at the chronological order of transfers, the Equity transfer did not take place until Monday just after the auto-withdraw.  Again… at the other banks I’ve dealt with, the transfers are immediate, even if it is on a weekend, and this transfer was initiated on a Thursday!  Unfortunately there was no way for me to get these overdraft fees refunded… I finally wizened up and took the step to add overdraft protection based on my equity line.



I used the online banking system to setup overdraft protection and figured it was done… Nope… a week later a bunch of forms come in the mail that I have to fill out, and fax or mail back to Wells Fargo corporate. A minor annoyance I know, but why even have the online process, if it isn’t going to do any good?



So I finally decide it is time to start breaking away from Wells Fargo. I found a great rate with mortgage broker and started the refinance process, and got locked in at the rate for 30 days.  All the paperwork was completed on my end and on the broker’s end. However, my Wells Fargo line of credit had an early closing provision that I would be charged a $300 penalty if I closed the account early.  Since it had a zero balance, I decided to just leave it open for the next 2.5 years and close it then.  So we were just waiting for Wells Fargo to complete their loan subordination paperwork.  It took them 3 weeks! I was ready to just close the loan and pay penalty when the subordination was finally completed.


Then at the last minute, they charge a $150 subordination fee!  So I am thinking it would have been better to just close the darn equity line since they charge $75 a year to have it open anyway…  But what is done is done, and an equity line is always a nice fallback anyway.  So I leave it open….



All the refinance paperwork finally gets done, and the funds disbursed, but before this takes effect, I notice ANOTHER FEE has shown up. It was just $10, but still…. another stinking fee without any explanation!  Off to email support again…. It was a fee for faxing the payoff statement to the mortgage broker.




The Wells Fargo mortgage finally shows a Zero balance.  Whew… Once less thing I have to use them for.  Now wait a minute……  What’s this $12 monthly charge on my “FREE” Complete Advantage Checking!!??


Another email to support… I am told that since I closed the mortgage I will now be charged a $12 a month fee on my checking account.



That was the last straw, and I decide to just close everything. I email to confirm that a $300 penalty will be charged for closing the account early, as indicated in my signed loan documents.  The representative emails me back and tells me that it will be a $500 penalty!


Let this serve as a warning to others out there considering using Wells Fargo, or to those thinking about getting in with them even deeper.


UPDATE: Jul. 15th 2008

So even though I closed all my accounts with Wells Fargo in May, I still continue to receive tons of crap from them in the mail like account balances for accounts that have been closed.  It also took them this long to record with the county the release of all the liens associated with the mortgage and equity line.  This made opening a new equity line a real pain in the butt.  I’ve received a lot of emails from people who have had similar experiences with crazy and hidden fees.


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136 Responses to “10 Reasons Wells Fargo Sucks – A warning to new customers”

  1. Nick Rodriquez Says:

    Thanx for posting this informative story….we were about to get a shaft from a local wells fargo branch…midland, texas…great info!!!

  2. Cabot Says:

    Cabot says : I absolutely agree with this !

  3. L Says:

    I totally agree with this too. Beware of fast talking “I will be your personal banker” employees!!

  4. Ex-Wells Fargo Says:

    I used to work for Wells Fargo and they brain wash their employees into thinking that it’s okay to do these types of things. Wants really funny is when they hire new personal bankers, they all go through this extensive training program…..the program/classes make the newly hired bankers think that they are really going to help people make smart financial decisions, but instead when they get into the banks all the managers do is force them to sell products to customer that the customer doesn’t even need and sometimes puts the customer in a worse finanical position (i.e. Wells Fargo Financial).

    • Bryan Wells Says:

      Hello Ex-Wells Fargo,

      I know this is a bit after the fact but I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about Wells Fargo. I’m working on a news story about college student use of credit and debit cards and I was hoping you might be able to give me some leads. Their are plenty of students I know who complain about Wells Fargo practices. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

  5. kdtomaso Says:

    I’m dealing with Wells Fargo, they do suck. Even though I have a letter stating “formal notice” of loan modification approval, now 6 months later they’re attempting pre-foreclosure collection tactic saying my modification was not approved. Even paralegals like me with “free legal representation” aka our bosses are not spared! No way am I allowing them to take whats mine!

    • Sammie Says:

      The only “help” that WellsFRAUDgo provides:


      …or YOUR HOUSE, YOUR PROPERTY, etc., etc.

  6. waldo21a Says:

    Just saw today that Wells Fargo beat earnings estimates… You know how they did that don’t you????? By screwing their customers of course!

  7. EJ Says:

    Wells Fargo keeps mixing up my accounts with my business accounts and my brothers accounts. It’s maddening I tell you! So why do I do business with them? I’m locked into a loan I can’t prepay on without penalty. Same with my business. I wish I could get help but I’m experiencing everything you guys are.

  8. Kishore Jethanandani Says:

    I have had the same kind of experience. Some of their customer support people are honest and admit that dishonest practices are common with this bank. They try to charge fees whenever the customer is not vigilant. This bank is really the worse I have come across.

  9. Guthrie Kids Says:

    My brother and I are both private clients with Wells Fargo and I am writing to you today to tell you about some of my customer service experiences with Ben Boody.
    My experience with Mr. Boody has not been satisfactory and nothing less than pure harassment. So much, that I’ve become completely beside myself about calling your customer care team. This is something that has literally caused me to lose sleep over with worry.
    Today I called to ask for an appointment with a manager to discuss this situation. Ben responded to my request by asking me questions about why I was unhappy. When I began telling him he repeatedly talked over me (loudly and aggressively.) As I had come to expect, the discussion began to escalate so I asked Ben for his manager’s contact information. He simply said he’s not in right now. After some prompting, he offered a name. When I specifically asked for a managers phone number he would not give it to me, and he never did.
    The experience I had with Ben prior to this one was a conversation about a disbursement request for a calculator for one of my college courses. Ben first tried to deny this request and said I should budget it into my current expenses.
    The state of Texas mandates my health and education be provided for by the trust. He is in direct violation to that agreement.
    In my phone call with him today, the calculator came up in conversation again. This time (and only when) I recited the state agreement to him he fully agreed that a disbursement should be made. This only proves that the time and frustration spent discussing it previously was for the sole purpose of making things difficult for me. There within lies the definition of harassment.
    Other times Ben has informed me of his own personal money situation as if to compare my situation to his. (Groceries, gas, etc.) I fail to see what relevance that has to my life and why I should have to waste my time discussing those things. If we are to compare life styles, let’s compare everything. Housing, car, salary, etc. and perhaps whether his father (and support) died at the age of 14. For that matter I’d be glad to accept his monthly salary as my new monthly expense amount.
    I have also experienced having discussions and determining that specific things will be paid for by the trust only to be turned down by Customer Care when it comes time for the disbursement to occur.
    According to your own website one of your company’s policy’s are to “Do what you say you are going to do.” Perhaps the Trust Officer’s should work closer with the Customer Care Team for the sake of providing better customer service.

  10. Jon Says:

    You know this is funny reading all these posts, I have been with Well’s since 1988, I have not been happy with them for about 4 years; ever since they started charging me $12 a month for my checking account with an average balance of $6,000.-$9,000 monthly. The last straw was when they denied me a “small loan”, with perfect credit and payment history, they never told me why I was denied, or even called me back. Because of the latter treatment, I will be moving my account to a small local bank. It will be interesting to see how they treat me as I withdraw my money. Furthermore, I think they’ve gotten “too big” and impersonal for their own good, I don’t like the idea of my “account number” being around for so many years, on so many checks, in so many computer systems, in so many states: It’s time for a clean break and a new experience.

    • Chris Wallace Says:

      John; when a bank makes any adverse decision on a credit application, IT’S A LAW that they must provide you with a “Notice of Action Taken and Statement of Reasons” within 30 days. It sound like you didn’t receive this required notice. You should file a complaint at CFPB, OCC and your State Attorney General for violations of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, a Federal law has been broken here! According to the law, victims are entitled to $10,000 fine plus punitive damages and restitution.

      • Margie Seamon Says:

        Sorry to tell you Chris, but no one polices Wells Fargo. I have been reporting Wells for over 7 years. OCC, CFPB can do nothing! Oh, you can call and report to FBI, like I did in 2011. Same time Wells foreclosed. Now, we are in mid 60s, in Chapter 13 to save house. Still harassing us, losing our payments; we make them again; reversed. and stop payment is a joke. This is all retaliation. I’m sure everyone dreams of retirement, under bankruptcy.

  11. Mark Says:

    I opened an account with Wells Fargo and they did not let me access my funds for 3 months. All sorts of excuses and crap. I ended up closing the account.

  12. Olivia Smith Says:

    I am looking for the email address of a Wells Fargo Mortgage Customer Service rep that I dealt with and can’t find it. I want to contact this person directly because of past dealings. I can’t seem to get her on the phone either. Has anyone out there gotten an email from Wells Fargo Mortgage Customer Service that may tell me what their naming convention is? For mortgages it’s firstname.lastname@mortgages.wellsfargo.com. I tried this using the name of the rep I am looking for and my emails were bounced. Any body have any ideas for me? Thanks.

  13. steve Says:

    Reasons Why Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Sucks

    1) Hurricane Ike was my fault. WFHM held up my insurance money for nearly 6 months. We lived in a home with mold and water damage for a long time, lied to over and over again by countless disaster response reps that work for WFHM.
    2) WFHM loses important papers and then no one knows how to read them.They lost my divorce decree 9 times. When they finally got it, they put my ex-wifes name on a check that was originally made only to me, ignoring a 5 year old court order. When asked why a rep said”I guess they didn’t look it up in the computer”. I called almost daily to remind them to not put her name on this check!
    3)WFHM lies lies lies! Never sent insurance funds at promised dates even when I sent them a pre addressed set of envelopes and paid for overnight fees! Suing these dumbasses!
    4) WFHM making interest money off of HUNDREDS of Hurricane Ike victims in Texas and Louisiana by holding their insurance checks. Customers are suffering with damaged homes while Wells are making a killing on the interest on these funds.
    5) Lying to the press, saying that we who complain against them are isolated cases!
    6) Using the ill gotten interest money to pay off their TARP loan so the government can’t force them to do business legally.
    7)Screwing Gulf War Soldiers out of their homes even though they made their mortgage payments on time. Wells Fargo claiming one soldier “abandoned” his home. No you idiots, he’s getting his ass shot at to protect scumbag companies like Wells Fargo!
    8) Systematically overcharging fees and perpetrating fraud on customers because of their own outdated technology. If a liquor store can own a machine that says a check is good on the spot, how come this BIGTIME bank holds people’s funds forever and a day? Haven’t you lazy asses ever heard of picking up a phone and calling another bank to ask if the check is good? I do it and it takes 3 minutes.
    9) Almost every time you call them, Wells ends up “disconnecting” your call by “accident”
    10) Giving customers this many reasons to say Wells Fargo SUCKS!

    • Noah Says:

      “If a liquor store can own a machine that says a check is good on the spot, how come this BIGTIME bank holds people’s funds forever and a day?”

      Stores can only verify if a checking account has a history of having been used for fraudulent purposes, or has a history of a person writing bad checks. This has nothing to do with contacting the actual bank, only accessing a fraud database used by other merchants that stores records of bad check-writers.

  14. Peter Says:

    I opened a new checking/savings account with them about 3 months ago. So far I was hit by at least a $100 in all kinds of fees, that I had no idea about. This is the first bank I dealt with that cost me this much money in my entire life. This bank news on your wallet, stay away.

  15. Sharma Says:

    Hiral Shah is their worst possible mortgage associate. she spends thousands on advertisements and is very sweet talking when it comes to getting new customers. As soon as you’ve got the mortgage you are scum to her. Treats you like rubbish. Beware of her. She has her own website and advertises a lot so you will see her name a lot in the newspapers etc esp for the Indian community in NJ. BUT BEWARE!!!
    she CONNOT be trusted. She is selfish and cheap.
    Gave us a rate higher than the market and has been ripping s off all along. Typical WF tactics to make money and only to make money. Screw customers should be their official motto!!

  16. steve Says:

    To Noah, who obviously works for Wells Fargo-You are missing the point! Is a paycheck by an established business fraudulent???? This is what is wrong with this country and it’s economy- pathetic excuses, GREED, treachery, and an unwillingness to do business HONESTLY and EFFICIENTLY! Wells Fargo, hat in hand begging for MY tax money, then screwing me, other hurricane victims, and consumers in general. I am saying NO MORE! They only hold people’s funds WAY TOO LONG because they can. WF likes to treat people like dirt-IT’S A FACT!

    • Noah Says:

      Calling out an inaccuracy in your post doesn’t mean I work for Wells Fargo. I happen to think they suck, too… that’s why I’m posting here.

  17. Daffy duck Says:

    Wells Fargo sucks camel buttocks

  18. Jethro Says:

    Wells Fargo is supposedly modifying our mortgage after 18 months of hasseling and lying to us.

    The local Wells Fargo office is useless and run by a bunch of lousy, trouble causing drunks.

    We hope to leave Wells Fargo at the first possible chance -this bank truly sucks!

    Hopefully the government will just let them fail.




  20. Eric Says:

    I am a former Wells Fargo Financial employee. I worked for Wells for a total of 8 years. In the beginning, I was with Norwest Financial, who actually bought Wells, and then adopted all of their policies. Slowly, the job transitioned from being a great place to work and help clients, to the exact opposite. We used to be very up front with our higher rates, and did not deal with customers that had excellent credit. We helped people with less than perfect credit. More recently, Wells has completely stopped lending to those people, and set their sights on the unsuspecting good credit profile. I finally got fed up with it. I could not allow myself to sell these ridiculous rates to people that did not deserve it. I had to have a job, so I stayed probably a year longer than I wanted. I definitely shirked my duties during this time. I would tell my customers that they should consult a bank for better rates, as I knew we were just screwing them out of money. Unfortunately I could not find a job making the salary that I made with Wells, and they let me go for poor job performance. Remember, I was there for 8 years, and I was always a top producer up till about a year ago. Being there for 8 years, you would think that I would have been given the option to resign my position, but that is not how it went down. I cannot speak for the other divisions of Wells Fargo, but I will tell you this……When I was let go, I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. We were expected to sell loans anywhere from 21% to 36% to customers with 660+ credit scores. They are now hiring in a bunch of college kids, promising them that they can make a ton of bonus, which is a lie. The reason they feast on college kids, is because they are not sophisticated enough to understand that they are ripping people off. They usually figure it out within 6 months though.

  21. All Loans Says:

    detailed post!

  22. hooksnsplinterz Says:

    I used to be a Personal Banker with Wells Fargo. It’s a HORRIBLE bank. and they screw their customers out of money every single day. I know first hand… DONT BANK THERE!!!

  23. George Says:

    Wells Fargo DOES suck, and for several reasons. They are greedy and that is their first problem. Second problem they hire idiots to run customer service.

    Out of all the idiots I have had the privelidge to speak with, Frederick in collections is the biggest idiot of all. He probably should quit customer service and work in a grave yard.

    Wells Fargo screwed up my home modification request several times in 2009. As of December 2009, we have waited more than 6 months for the loan modfication to be complete. They loose paper work, and are slow walking are request. A class action law suit is needed to teach these low lifes a lesson, IMO.

  24. Chazmania Says:

    Did the same to me!
    And piled fees on top of fees after i tried to pay off the fees and they kept slipping a new one right under the time limits! even after i canceled the accounts they kept fee piling and calling ten times on a Sunday to harass me! I told them to stop calling and they refused and would not cancel the accounts! They would not listen and repeated there rhetoric like checked out drone monkeys! I told them i will abandon the account!
    Who do these people think they are? And why do they get to get away with it?
    It was like paying protection money to the mafia!

    In my opinion they are a rip off lying cheating corrupt corporate entity!

  25. Elaine Says:

    I’m a 57 year old college educated divorced woman working as a direct care worker (couldn’t survive being a realtor) for $13.87 per hour which I started on Mar. 30th 2009, the day my dad died, a WWII veteran a proud American. My parents lived through the Depression hardworking people, sent their kids to college because they wanted better for us. For the last two years my dad always worried about how hard things were for me and financially helped me out (I always could pay him back).

    I took this job because that’s all I could get full-time with health benefits.

    I wrote this letter after reading the speech you gave in Ohio where you said “And I can promise you, there will be more fights in the days ahead. We’re having one of them right now, because I want to charge Wall Street a modest fee to repay taxpayers in full for saving their skin in a time of need. You can rest assured, we’re going to get that money — your money — back, each and every dime.”
    Obama concluded, “I didn’t run for president to turn away from these challenges. I didn’t run for president to kick them down the road. I ran for president to confront them, once and for all.”

    My TIME OF NEED is NOW I need some of the stimulus money that was handed to the banks to SAVE MY SKIN. REDUCE my interest rate, SAVE my house that I’ve lived in since 1979.

    One company you need to confront is Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. My current mortgage rate is 8.62%. My mortgage is $54,000 but with escrows, taxes my payment is $1,027 per month. My mortgage problems started in Dec 2008 when I fell behind in my payments. It’s been a horror show since then. I provided all the paperwork Wells Fargo required for a loan modification, they lied, everytime I spoke to someone it was a different story. I spoke to Wells Fargo 2-3 times weekly from Dec 2008- Jan 2010.

    On Jan 19, 2010 I received a foreclosure letter from a law firm. Saying I was behind 4 months. I called Wells Fargo the Loss Mitigation specialist looked at my payments history, agreed there were mistakes. Said talk to Customer Service and get a payment history print out.
    Which I never received.

    In 30 days I could be foreclosed on, what am I supposed to do .

    I’m not asking for a handout or anything for free. I just need HELP.
    I’m looking for what was promised lower interest rates, my house not going into foreclosure.
    That is what the stimulus money was for, not for mega bonuses, lavish parties.

    I’ve called a counselor numerous times at HOPE NOW but never got a return call.
    As I was typing this letter to you I received a fax the law firm if I want to reinstate my loan I need to give them $6,625.25 ($1,410.54 in legal fees) before Feb 3rd after that date the fees get higher. See attached letter.

    Parts of Letter sent to the President of the United States

  26. Misty Says:

    I am so angry at Wells Fargo right now. I have online bill pay set up for my car to Ford Motor Credit. I go in and approve a payment once a month. I have two checking and a savings account that are all supposed to be linked so I don’t overdraft. Tuesday I log in and everything looks good. I have a $575 deposit pending and money in all of the accounts. I look an hour later and there are 10 overdraft fees of $35. I call and they tell me two payment went to Ford for $500 each. They charged 10 overdrafts and then put in the $575 deposit. Their answer, I must have autopay through Ford. I don’t. I call Ford and they say two payments were mailed. Wells wants proof, I fax it and get the complete runaround, Glenda in Cedar Rapids says things like, You should really plan better. Wells insists the money was taken out by Ford. Glenda does admit that she can see back to June that I always do bill pay and Ford has never taken money out this way. She has not given me proof. I asked her to credit the fees (we have a business checking and use their credit card processor for several million dollars of business every year, I am also on the verge of refinancing my ho,e with them) she told me she couldn’t think anymore about it, it was time for her to go home and she would call me today after she put some thought into it.

  27. mark Murgolo Says:

    Response to Elaine Says:
    I am so sorry to here this terrible news. I am in the same boat and have been trying to get a Load Modification for the last several months. My situation started in August of 2009 when we fell behind on our mortgage. Not to retype what you posted, each and every time we call Wells Fargo Loss Mitigation Dept our call gets routed to one the following call centers, Minneapolis or Spring field and we speak with a loss mitigation person, each time we speak we here a different story. i am afraid we might lose our house if they don’t speed up the process.

  28. LISA Says:

    2 years ago, when my son was 13, I opened up a SAVINGS account for him through Wells Fargo, thinking this would be a good way to make deposits for him that he wouldn’t have IMMEDIATE access too. I thought the account was set up as DEPOSIT authority which meant he could put money into his acct but NOT withdrawal. I think a lot of parents have experienced the missing $5 spot and even occasionally the $20 out of their wallet but WE definitely don’t think our kids will touch our checkbooks. UNFORTUNATELY, mine did!!! To make matters WORSE, he took one of the checks, Wrote the Check for $500.00, TOOK it to WELLS FARGO and THEY CASHED it!!! They didn’t use what ALL Banks are obligated by law to use known as PReCautionary CARE!! They didn’t think about putting a 24 hour hold on the FUNDS for verification of FRAUD, even though my son’s account only had $5.00 in it at the time and Only had a deposit record of a Grand Total of $25. WHAT Frickin Bank, in their Right Mind, gives a 15 year old, WHO should be in school, $500.00 cash money???? Needless to say, I placed a stop payment through by bank on the stolen check! The check was returned to Wells Fargo as insufficient… BUT (this is the suck-ee part) because I was the consenting parent who assisted by son in opening the account ~ WELLS Fargo is holding ME liable for the money THEY gave a minor!!! SO, Parents BEWARE, your money and your identity IS NOT SAFE with Wells Fargo BECAUSE THEY SUCKS!!!

  29. Peter Says:

    Wells Fargo is a company riddled with liars and dishonest people. After sending my information to receive a loan modification 3 times – they proposed a payment that was higher than the one I was already paying. Gee…thanks for the help Wells.

    On top of that, I completed my 3 trial payments and they closed my file as I was “reinstated”. Ummmm…I made my full payments since day one by selling things off and scrimping, and I’ve never missed a payment – so Wells Fargo Idiots – my loan was never in default to begin with.

    “Gail” a supervisor from Loss Mitigation said that I “would receive a lower payment permanently” once I completed my trial period and send in updated documents (pay stubs, list of bills and hardship letter). I did everything I was told and now they are saying they can’t help me.

    Guess Wells Fargo doesn’t care that I’m willing to keep the full 200k balance on my mortgage current and just want a lower rate to lower the payment. They would rather take a $120,000 loss on my home than lower my payment $370 a month. Good thinking Wells! You guys are really sharp over there! No wonder your bank needed the Government to bail you out. Idiots.

    Don’t do business with Wells Fargo for any reason. If you have accounts there – take your money and your loans elsewhere.

  30. David McCloud Says:

    I will spare all of you my story of Nightmare with Wells Fargo. I want to know a strategy for extending my foreclosure, that will make life miserable for them. Please advise me on how to legally trample with their satanic worship to screwing people. In November of 09 panic stricken and out of work I made payments to them in ADVANCE !!!! Two months payments paid in advance were applied to principal. After months of them screwing the bill up with those payment i fell behind two months, they said i owed them five months. I sent the payments in, and they mailed them back and said they were moving to foreclosure. I mailed the Venezuelan embassy then and ask them if they would please bail me out. To which they said they would consider it, but i was standing in line.
    Please help direct me. I am now dedicating the rest of my life to putting Wells Fargo out of business, behind bars. Please understand that i am peaceful and wish to do this within the law. I am out front and willing to do anything under both the sun and the law to put them out of business.

  31. Jess Johnson Says:

    This is the letter I recently submitted because like everyone else on this page I have had zero success with their customer service or local branches. My sister is impeccable with her finances, and WF is doing the same thing to her. I have not talked to anyone who disagrees that WF is a nasty place to do business. The American Taxpayers just bailed these jerks out last year, when they should have gone bankrupt.

    Side note to my letter, I was able to get an advance deposit from another job, and even though they bank at the same bank, WF would not release tehse funds into my account! I had to call and argue to get them to make the funds available.

    I did contact the Better Business Bureau as well as sent an e-mail to Fox News. It doesn’t take very long to make a complaint online to the BBB. Take five or ten minutes and make a complaint.

    My Letter:

    May 7, 2010

    Ms. Joy Ott
    Regional President
    Wells Fargo Bank
    175 N 27th Street, # 11
    Billings, MT 59101

    Subject: Poor Customer Service, Bank Over-Draft Fees, and Related Charges to My Wells Fargo Account, Billings, Montana

    Dear Ms. Ott:

    Recently I had an overdraft buying fuel over this past weekend that initiated a plethora of over-draft charges in my account with your bank. My paycheck was directly deposited on May 4, these charges over-drafted my account into the negative, which also triggered an automatic withdrawal from my savings account. I was charged $245.00 in fees, as well as a $10.00 charge for transferring funds from my savings account. This nearly completely drained my account. The overdraft for fuel at Holiday for $35.00 is not an issue with me, but the 7 other $35.00 charges totaling $245.00 for $31.52 in transactions, prompted me to call and try to work something out with your staff. I understand your policy is not to reverse bank fees, unless it was bank error.

    I spoke with Heather, Lori, and Jason, all from the Wells Fargo branch on 2235 Grant Road in Billings, Montana, and two other people from your phone bank, and no one was willing to work with me to resolve this. My issue is your bank had no problem taking these funds; nearly my entire paycheck, (I have nothing until I am paid again). I have bills to pay like everyone else, and like most people in the United States today, I’m trying to make ends meet in our difficult economy, and when you lose two weeks pay to overdraft charges, it is just wrong. I understand penalties, and your bank doing me the favor of “covering” my transactions, “as to protect my credit rating”, etc. At this rate, thanks, but no thanks. This is trite in comparison with the stress I have had this week of talking to my landlord, and other creditors who were expecting payment.

    I admit it was my fault for not paying closer attention to my account, but I hardly think it is fair not to make any attempt to try work with me on reversing at least some of the charges. Lori’s attitude as she walked into the lobby was less than tenable. We all have bad days at work, and I understand that. I was a customer in need of customer service. She had already made up her mind before talking to me concerning this, as she explained she had, “already talked to Heather about this…”, she was not willing to help me as evident of her body language as she walked into the lobby from her work area, that was obvious, as she approached me with zero effort in customer service. I was wasting her time, and the lady couldn’t even force a smile as she greeted me, or as we discussed this. I am not privy to your customer service policies, but found it very awkward and unprofessional that I was not at least invited into a cubicle to discuss this. As people were walking by, the last thing I wanted the world to hear was Lori and I discussing my overdrawn account in front of the main doors at your kiosk/desk in your branch’s lobby.

    I would also like to add that I am not the only one with money issues, as Wells Fargo bank was one of the banks American tax payers bailed out last year, taking stimulus money. Your bank just made over $250.00 from my account alone, and I am curious what your bank averages each day in just overdraft charges? If $245.00 means more to your bank than my business, I will gladly switch banks. There are a lot of banks in Billings, and the reason I opened an account with Wells Fargo was the persistence of your staff to call them and open an account there. If you had worked with me, I would have bragged your bank up as a place willing to work with a guy when times are a struggle for everyone. I don’t mind paying a penalty, but taking a guy to the cleaners over $35.21 is ridiculous. I wasn’t out writing checks for $500.00, this is over $31.52.

    I have talked with several people about this, and no one thinks I should let this go. I obviously got no-where with your staff, or the Wells Fargo “phone bank”, and I most likely will get no-where by writing this letter. Wells Fargo is listed as number four in the nation with the most complaints. Maybe you should work with your staff to build the relationships that you have, rather than rewarding them to prey upon every person who walks through the door by repeatedly suggesting they open a new account.

    You can choose to ignore this letter, or blame me for the charges; either way the $35.00 fee per overdraft charged to my account, the fees you stacked up, unprofessionalism by the service manager at your branch, the additional fee of $10.00 transferring money from my savings account further resulting in yet another $35.00 fee, the amount of stress this week, and with no resolve, is just wrong. I had made two deposits into my account prior to the postings, and realize why it was overdrawn. However, sticking the $245.00 in fees on top of it is ridiculous, as well as another $10.00 fee to transfer funds from my savings account to cover your overdraft fees. To further overdraw me is beyond understanding.

    Unless you are willing to work something out with me, I will be closing my account and moving to a bank that does not rely upon predatory practices to supplement the income of your executives. I realize I am nobody at your bank, regardless of what was said to my face to get my business to begin with, when I opened an account there. You made a ridiculous return on the $31.52 in transactions. I am sure that is Wells Fargo’s typical mode of operation, but a fleecing of this magnitude should be criminal. I know I have no means to rectify this situation besides taking further time in writing this letter, and I am at your mercy. But if I do not hear from you with a proposal to correct this situation, I have no issue with spending further time sharing my understanding of your organization with the world, and going to another bank. The internet is an amazing place and I will be sure to spread the word far and wide. I figure that the more letters I write, and people I can involve (without a resolve to this situation), will end up costing Wells Fargo more in lost time and wages, than you removed from my account, in the long run.
    As I researched the internet for answers to this problem, I realized just how many people there are across the United States who had similar and even worse service from Wells Fargo Bank. To clarify, I am not looking for a free ride here, I am looking for some common sense in the midst of these out of control transfer fees and arbitrary charges that have caused so many problems, stress, and wasted time this week. I am not against anyone making money; I am against fee gouging a customer to the point they have nothing left. As stated earlier, this wasn’t out of control spending writing bad checks, this was an unfortunate mistake, and all I have asked of your staff was some help with reversing some of these fees so I could at least live my life for the next two weeks until I am paid again.

    And finally, I just checked my account again and see that the $10.00 transfer fee resultant from these overdraft charges transferred from my savings account has overdrawn me further, compounding an additional $35.00 fee to leave my account further in the negative as -$46.77. I also understand that since it will be nearly two weeks until I am paid again, and every five days my account is in the negative results in yet another $35.00 fee.

    I am asking for a middle ground solution to this situation. I am, and have been, willing to work with Wells Fargo, however, further adding to my frustration are the continual charges coupled with no one having either the supposed authority or willingness to assist a Wells Fargo customer besides doing nothing, or charging me additional fees.

    Best regards,

    Jess Johnson

    cc: Ms. Janelle Berger
    Store Manager
    Wells Fargo Bank
    2235 Grant Rd
    Billings, MT 59102

    BBB of E. Washington, N. Idaho & Montana
    152 S. Jefferson, Ste. 200
    Spokane, WA 99201

    Golden Gate Better Business Bureau
    1000 Broadway, Suite 625
    Oakland, CA 94607

  32. psycho droid Says:

    david mcloud, what you do is apply for the hamp(homeowners,affordible,modification,program). thee will put you in a trial modification program for three months(it will last six). pay your payment do what they ask and wait. once they deny you change your financials just so, as to require them to reevaluate you. keep doing this until you get tired. they have to by federal law, evaluate you each and everytime as long as you can show your finacials have changed and you meet the program requirements. good luck and keep messing with them.

  33. Tiffany Says:

    I see you wrote this in 2008. It’s 2010, and they STILL SUCK! The charged me my yearly taxes QUARTERLY! They take their sweet ass time fixing it while they empty my account with automatic payments that are too much! What makes it worse is every time I call them they talk to me like I’m the dumbest person to walk this earth. WTF!

  34. Kevin Says:

    Wow, seems I am not alone on my Wells Fargo nightmare..We tried twice to get a home loan modification. The last time was in March and finally got denied on May 28th 2010. This was after a faxing fiasco of paperwork..Paul Jelbert is the tool we were working with. My wife lost her job and has been out or work for 3 months. I have told this Paul that and he still say I make enough by myself to make house payments..He then told me that our truck payment wasn’t included in final judgement..The truck payment, had it been added to the equation would of gotten an approval..WTF is WF’s problem..They are the worst mortgage company to deal with….

  35. ME Says:

    Wow….Well sad to say I miss Wachovia!!!!! As we all know Wells Fargo took Wachovia over. Needless to say I saw the poor customer service coming full force. With Wachovia I was able to see each and every time I spent money on my check card no matter what, holidays and weekends included not with Wells! I was able to go into a branch and be out in under 5 mins not with Wells! I was able to see whats affecting my account on the spot not with Wells. Its seems as if they hide and postpone these things intentionally. How can a bank that’s been around for god knows how long not give you up to date responses on purchases made in the US? I don’t get it ….

  36. B-bob Says:

    Big sympathies your way. I’m currently in wellsfargo hell. The wages of sin are not death as so often claimed, the are the wages of sin result in a relationship with wellsfargo.

  37. H Fed up too Says:

    I just had my first taste of Wells Fargo Customer Service after the take over of Wachovia. They charged two NSF fees for the same check. Wachovia would have covered the Fifty dollar check and charged one overdraft fee. Well Fargo chose to reject the same check twice and charge two NSF fees. Needles to say, telephone customer service only repeats policy from a manual. No offer to make an adjustment even though on the same day I deposited cash in the account but apparently after the same check was rejected twice. I am shopping for a new bank. I too miss Wachovia.

  38. Brian Says:

    I am suppose to close on a house tomorrow and docs are still sitting in review! I HATE WELLS FARGO!

  39. tony ex fargo Says:

    I use to work for the home mortgage department do NOT go with fargo i quit it is a very dirty company.

  40. AJ Iyer Says:

    I have been a premier customer for 10 years almost. But I do agree that Wells Fargo is going down on it’s Customer Service. After several calls and follow-up e-mails to get copies of 3 deposited checks 2 months ago, i am told they cannot provide it. Why? They have no answer! Plus they will not provide a written statement to that effect. I needed these for a new loan and the underwriter requested the check images!
    I am now hitting against a wall!
    Hope it get’s better!
    Thanks for reading.

  41. Bill Says:

    I would just like to state that the customers of Wells Fargo are not the only ones treated unfairly. I used to work for Wells Fargo when I was in my opinion wrongfully terminated 2 days ago. The reason being from their perspective is “I falsified my timesheets”. I worked on a 12-9 schedule taking into account an hour lunch and I was also part of the customer service department in the sales division. I was pulled into a room where for over an hour I was basically interrogated as to why I wasn’t signed on my phone when they had scheduled me for training on the times in question. Bottom line I was wrongfully terminated. For those of you that wonder there are a few reasons why the representatives may seem a little disgruntled when you call in and Im gonna shed some light on that. First of all out of an 8 hour day you are expected to be signed on the phone 7 1/2 hours out of that day not to mention the phone stats which are ridiculous from sun up to sun down the one thing drilled in the head of a representative is sell sell sell, it doesn’t matter whether or not they customer you’re talking to is disgruntled you MUST sell them something whether it be insurance ID Theft or another account for the so called “free” (yeah right) overdraft protection. Heres a word to the wise the overdraft protection is a 10 dollar transfer fee and the great sales pitch is “well its cheaper than the 35 dollar overdraft fee”. Bottom line is I can’t wait until this bank folds and it will. Peace out Wells Fargo.

  42. Jenafer Says:

    I hate WELLS FARGO. I’v never delt with a bank that is so complicating in my life.If they make mistakes their sorry but if I make a mistake theirs a $35.00 charge for my $3.00 Lunch. The way they post transactions is just ridiculous one day your transaction will be posted then it will be gone, there for adding money back to your balance and, in two or more days it will be posted again bring you in the hole. Then their whole time day thing that they do like on saturdays to them it’s monday because how their computers work. It’s always the computers fault.

  43. Jenafer Says:

    oh yeah I forgot I also “had” overdraft protection and then they told me they have to change my savings into a checking because of to many transfers from my saving to my checking. Well what the heck is overdraft protection for? They also like to cut down other banks so that they look good. I’ts so funny when you walk into a wells fargo building everyone that works thier will run to greet you and put on a big smile. What a joke!!!

  44. Jeff Says:

    A small pound of flesh…

    So I went into a WF (not a customer) to cash a business check drafted on WF. As the teller was processing he mentioned there was a $5.00 fee since I was not a WF customer. A asked him to waive the fee. He wouldn’t. I asked what did it cost to open an account…he said ‘nothing’. I asked if I could close it the next day…he said sure. So I got handed over to a ‘personal banker’ told him I was opening an account just to avoid the outrageous check cashing fee, he laughed and then set up my new account with $100 in it. I walked across the street to my bank, deposited my new WF Temp Check for $100. It cleared this morning and so I closed the WF account and told the person on the phone why. She laughed and closed the account for me. What a bunch of FREAKS!

    Of course I am now waiting for some ‘closing fee’ that will go to collections but for now I got $5.00 out WF and their freakin’ pen!

  45. casey Says:

    I googled “wells fargo sucks” and got many hits. This site will do nicely.

    Wells will go a long way to maniplulate you, practially to the point of deception, to get you to open an account. I wouldn’t believe a word they say. I’ve experienced this on two seperate occasions.

    A typical conversaion:

    Me: Hello, I’d like to open an account. I don’t want a monthly fee.

    Wells: OK great. We can give you free everything. Just sign here.

    Me: Wait, what’s this about an automatic transfer from checking to savings. I don’t want that. That will confuse me.

    Wells: Oh that is a great feature of the account. Just think, if you transfer $100 per month, after a year you’ll have extra money for vacation or christmas presents.

    We: No thank you. I have my own routine for saving.

    Wells: No prblem, just transfer the money back the day after. Please sign here.

    Me: I’d rather not. And what happens if there are no funds available to transfer.

    Wells: Well, you will get a $30 fee, unless you have overdraft protection in which case you’ll only be charged $12.

    after a long time arguing about this, the rep said he removed that feature from the account. which was a false statement. it is impossible to remove this feature.

  46. TampaBay Says:

    Agreed. Wells Fargo is terrible. I was verbally abused by phone this morning – taunted, mocked and threatened. I have reported the issue. I am five days late on my car payment and cant make my payment til end of month – and I hung up in tears. I am extremely patient, flexible and logical, so I really was shocked by how unprofessional Wells Fargo was. Please do not use them for financing if you have a choice and can go elsewhere. They are horrible and the experience throughout the past couple years has been my worst.

  47. Deanna Says:

    I applied for a mortgage with Wells Fargo through Wachovia. They never asked for income statements or w2. Just left a message on my ansering machine saying I was denied. I get 2 letters saying I did not have enough credit history. 11 years of student loans and credit card isnt enough. and my co-applicant has a 795 credit score with too much credit. wtf.

  48. music Says:

    I work for wells fargo and they have lost my money and made serveral mistakes. I’m not a ex employee i currenlty work there now. I refuse to send my friends of family to Wells Fargo. I went into the branch to close an account and open another one due to loosing my wallet. I move $950.00 from the old account to the new one (I was in the branch getting help with the personal banker) when I left my account was fine. The next day i checked my account and all the money was gone. When I went to talk to the branch they said I had withdrew it. So i contacted the personal banker who helped me. he told them what took place, even though the banker who helped me told them what took place i was treated like a theft and it took a while for me to get my money. i had to sign a form that said if I was lying they can come to my account and take it. Wells fargo is the devil they was till your funds are at it lowest point then they will hit you with Insufficient funds the make BILLION Insufficient alone. they the ONLY bank that has a very foul business the government has step in and gave them a date to stop this foul business. if you are smart you will not…..NOT use nor go to Wells Fargo they maybe a big bank, but they do not care about the customers unless you are in the multi millions. Run as fast as you can

  49. Joe Riley Says:

    They reject medical cannabis patients. Straight out 1983 stuff. They refuse any transaction via debit or credit to a medical cannabis dispensary claiming “We don’t want this business anymore”. Big Banks Fail.


    • Joe Riley Says:

      In addition, they also are closing any dispensary businesses in any medical marijuana state by October 1st – offering the businesses the opportunity to have their accounts closed themselves or be closed by force.

  50. Tim Says:

    Wells Fargo is harassing and absolutely intolerant to deal with..
    They want money and no other answer will satisfy them.

  51. william Says:

    fuck wells fargo

  52. Bart Holmquist Says:

    Undisclosed to me I was billed $30/month for 3 months for a so called PMA account. Took 8 calls to 8 persons with Wells Fargo to get any help, which was nil. In total frustration I have closed all accounts with them, including visa, checking and $7000 in mutual funds. Will not work with them again nor would I ever recommend them to my colleagues.

  53. ME Says:

    Fuck Fucking Wells Fargo!
    Here’s a Response to a letter I sent them regarding being FUCKED by them for the LAST TIME. Listen to the canned response! THey DONT EVEN CARE!


    DAMN your overdraft fees! Why must you SCREW your customers??

    I just deposited $233.00 knowing I had a negative balance of $55.00 and Now I have NOTHING because you Fucked me on the overdraft fees!
    I checked online beforehand, and these charges were mysteriously applied as soon as I deposited!

    I Sincerely hope that the federal government shuts you down due to your crooked practices. And soon.

    I’m packing up, and going with ALLY, at least they pay a quantifiable interest rate! And no bullshit fees!!!


    Thank you for contacting Wells Fargo. My name is Ashley V and I am happy to assist you.

    I have received your inquiry in reference to your business account. I apologize for all the inconvenience you have received regarding this matter. At Wachovia, we are 100% committed to providing quality customer service.

    Thank you for choosing Wells Fargo.

    Ashley V
    Wells Fargo Business Online Banking

    Wells Fargo is dedicated to protecting your information. To learn about our security measures and what we do to protect your accounts online, go to wellsfargo.com/privacy_security/fraud/

    If you have a question about your account, please sign on to your secure online banking session at wellsfargo.com/biz and select “Contact Us.” If you are currently in “Messages & Alerts,” and have another question about this subject, click the “Reply” button at the bottom of the page. To ask a new question, click the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page.

  54. Robert Says:

    I am a real estate agent in California; I handed them a client who was buying his first home He:
    1) has high FICO scores
    2)no debt
    3)30% down, gift from parents
    4)strong work history-works for TV network
    He buys a small condo; house payments are $900/mo. No sweat. The loan has been in underwriting for a week while the powers that be determine if he can make that payment. Then they ask him to get the utilities in his name because he doesn’t have ENOUGH debt. The day before we are supposed to close (no loan docs-tied up in underwriting) we get a call from the bank saying the docs are held up due to the fact that the closing statement has no closing cost credit. We all ask what credit are you talking about? They WFB are crediting him $500 but never told anyone….and they wonder why the credit never showed up. Also they have several tiny initials/signatures that were missing on paperwork they sent to the borrower months ago. Seems they are running behind all the time, and whoever is supposed to dot the I’s & cross the T’s don’t check until the midnight hour.

  55. Laura Says:

    I, too, have a renovation loan through Wells Fargo. I wish I had NEVER gotten involved with this company. They DO lose paperwork constantly, I had to re-submit things again and again in order to prove what a non-credit-risk I am. I was lied to from day one, when my loan officer told me, my fiance, and realtor that they were capable of closing on my house within three days of receiving the final paperwork. It took a MONTH to close on my house after they received that paperwork, and the only reason it happened when it did was because I went and got approved by a different bank and told them I wasn’t using them any more for my loan – all of a sudden, the loan went through and I closed the next day. I should have just gone to the other bank.

    Now I’m having even MORE problems. The contractor we hired to do the renovations was absolutely terrible, screwed a bunch of things up, so we had to fire him and are trying to find a new contractor. WF refuses to pay out any of the funds from the escrow account that were set aside for the renovation costs (MY money, mind you) to the vendors that provided us with supplies until we get an agreement from the ex-contractor that we don’t owe him any money. I told them that he can’t say we don’t owe him any money until the vendors get paid, because those bills are in his name, too. I refuse to pay the vendors out-of-pocket when it says RIGHT IN MY CONTRACT that the contractor is liable for these costs, along with any costs above what was agreed upon, since he’s the one who screwed it up.

    Wells Fargo is refusing to approve a new contractor, plumber, etc. until I get this agreement from the ex-contractor, so now we’re going on another month of paying both rent and mortgage because WF won’t allow us to finish the project. They definitely don’t work for you or with you, they work AGAINST you.

    Please tell your friends, family, and strangers on the street to stay far, far, away from this company, and I assure you – I will be doing the same.

  56. sherry Says:

    i’m a former banker w/ wf. I was harrassed daily from my mgr. & serv. mgr. I was forced to open acct.s for sr. that I knew would not be able to maintain a balance in order to weave their serv. fee. I was forced into signing up 90 yr. old men and blind people up for online banking. I worked there for almost 3 yr.s and only had a handfull of loans approved.I would say 95% would get declined. even people with perfect score would still get declined. all the employees would joke that we were all vulchers waiting for our pray to walk in the door. I worked in a small town w/ population around 2500. My sales quota was 8-10 sales a day. 6 days a week. They didn’t care how you get those sales you just better get them or you will be terminated. My mgr. had be soo stressed out that 2-3 times a week I would come home in tears. I ranked 2nd in my district for sales but it was never good enough. they always wanted more even though they would not lift a finger to get any sales. One week i had a slow week and by that Mon. I was terminated and replaced by someone who could speak spanish. I have been tramatized by my treatment from wf. I was never given any write-ups or warnings. Gave them my heart & soul and then one day they give me a pc. of paper saying I have been terminated and to turn in my keys. They also appealed my unemp. benefits but lost their appeal cuz they had no reason to fire me.

  57. MDS Says:


  58. Mary Says:

    Unfortunately, I KNEW Wells Fargo was not a company I wanted to do business with as soon as it bought Wachovia. I am a former Wachovia employee, displaced as a result of the Wachovia/Wells Fargo merger.

    The very first thing Wells Fargo did to Wachovia employees was discontinue two holidays Wachovia had observed for years, President’s Day and Columbus Day. Next, WF eliminated Wachovia’s Family Care Time, a benefit which had been in place for many, many years. I suppose they used this reduction in benefits to help pay for the Wachovia purchase. In addition, Wachovia had always provided flex-dollars to assist its employees in purchasing annual benefits (primarily, medical insurance coverage). Wells Fargo discontinued that as well while, at the same time, replacing Wachovia’s comprehensive medical insurance options with inferior options of their own. So, if this is how they treat employees, how do you expect them to treat customers?

    To add fuel to the fire, after leaving the bank (12/09) I received a letter from WF stating that I did not have proper insurance coverage on my property (I have a mortgage loan that I took out with Wachovia which converted to Wells Fargo in August of 2009). The letter demanded that I provide proof of property insurance for 2006-2009; otherwise, WF would be purchasing property insurance for me and adding the premium to my mortgage payment (over $1,200). I have NEVER been without insurance coverage on my property. I called the WF “insurance specialists” four times, faxed over 30 pages of information to them three times (from one of their branches, mind you), and they still did not get what they needed. I was so frustrated and angry I was about to explode! When I threatened to sue them, they found my paperwork.

    Yes, indeed, my displacement was a blessing in disguise. Prior to Wells Fargo’s appearance, I had been with Wachovia for over 32 years – nothing to sneeze at. I would encourage anyone thinking of doing business with Wells Fargo to go elsewhere.

  59. Josh B. Says:

    Customer Service Misnomer
    What a bunch of hacks. Those dimwhits couldn’t read an account sheet to save their lives. You send them money telling them to put it into a certain account and the money just disappears. I cannot recommend that bank for a thing.

  60. L Batchelder Says:

    I’m having serious issues with them too… I received a check with no correspondece telling me why I received it. Called them a few times – no one could tell me why. My guess was an overage to my Escrow. So I cashed it – didn’t spend it for a while – but then lost my job & did start using it for bills. Then starting seeing LATE CHARGES?? I called my insurance & city for taxes to see if the fees had increased- it hadn’t & was told be each person I was up to date & no problems. I eventually contacted an attorney & after MONTHS of dealing with their pathetic Assistant to the CEO Matthew Turk – because NONE of the executives take their calls or emails – was FINALLY told I had an overage in my Escrow… Ok – so why the late fees? Well once they sent me the check they realized I did NOT have an overage & then took my HOUSE PAYMENT & applied toward the Escrow… Meanwhile, they placed it as LATE because they can’t do simple accounting tasks & it blemished my credit because it showed I was late… And I couldn’t refinance… I found new employment only to get another lay off again… I couldn’t afford to stay in my home so I rented it out… So I switched to renters insurance. I was instructed my insurance broker to send in a premium check to insurance company. It was returned. I called my broker. They were informed that Wells Fargo paid it???? AGAIN WITH MY HOUSE PAYMENT MONEY!!!! So now they show me 2 months late! My renters bailed on me a week before Christmas 2010… So now I actually am late because I’m still unemployed & cannot cover the mortgage – only they have me as 3 months late and officially I’m only late for January 2011… Just 2 days ago I get yet ANOTHER check – still with no correspondence… It states on check OVERPAYMENT REVERSAL?? What’s that??? I don’t dare call Wells as I will get someone without a clue who will ONLY read by a script… Apparently they only hire robots! This is the VERY SHORT version of the whole ordeal… I’m consideration a LAWSUIT!!! I’m open to advice/comments/suggestions…

  61. Mike Says:

    I’ve been trying to wire transfer money to my Wells Fargo held mortgage for about two months. Because Im currently living overseas I need to do it by wire transfer. After about $200 in international phone calls these morons still can’t give me the proper information to make a simple wire transfer. I’ve sent the money twice to them but it keeps getting returned. To make my mortgage payments I have to transfer the money to a family member who then mails in a check on my behalf.

    Their customer services reps absolutely refuse to listen while you are speaking yet don’t know the basics of regular banking services.

    After my experiences with them, and reading the above comments I will be concluding my business with them as soon as possible. Thanks God I didn’t open any bank accounts with them!

  62. Chris Says:

    Unfortunately, Wells Fargo became my bank when they bought Wachovia. Everything about Wachovia was professional, from the customer service to the website design/functionality. The complete opposite holds true for WF.

    WF lost one month’s worth of my checking account transaction history from the Wachovia database during the transition.

    I called WF customer service and had the displeasure of dealing with a very unprofessional and oblivious customer rep. I mean this kid was plain dumb and lacked any type of professional demeanor.

    He started getting very aggressive with me because was frustrated he couldn’t answer any of my questions. I had to put him in his place and it was negative experience for the both of us I’m sure.

    This was my introduction to Wells Fargo and the reason I will no longer be banking with them.

    If you haven’t already, read Mary’s comment a couple posts above. WF treats both employees and customers poorly. They seem to be the epitome of what’s wrong with most large corporations.

    Do yourself a favor and never get involved with Wells Fargo.

  63. Penny Says:

    I lost my home thanx to wells fargo….Told WF i was losing my job and needed a loan modification. They claimed they would look into a hampe loan and turned it down. Of course they did…they were getting 6.35% out of me why bother trying to get less? My friends said they werent playing ball because I didnt default on my loan and was never late but I didnt want to be late because Im honest and loyal which I found doesnt ever pay off. After that I did lose my job and got one paying 1/3 of my salary and cldnt afford my mortgage. I missed one payment and got 2 calls a day every day even on weekends and three letters….of course they would lose money NOW THEY WERE CONCERNED. So I called to tell them I needed them to look into another loan mod for me and sent them hardship letters, financial docs, paychecks etc. A bout a month later I got a package overnighted to me with my address name and unit number and when I opened it up it belonged to a couple with the same last night with all their financial info on it…how dangerous is that??If I was a bad person I couldve stole their identity so I called WF and told them and they told me to tear it up and they would send me new docs. It took them three weeks to send it even tho it was supposed to be overnighted. Then I filled it out, overnighted it back to them. Around the same time they gave me the name of an inept, useless piece of junk who said she had to call my HOA people to get a document showing my hoa fees were current. problem is the useless piece of crap called the hoa people but she never got a reply from them.

    I happened to make a call to them on 3/11 come to find out my hoa never sent the info to wf so they actually pulled and denied my modification – they never told me that they couldnt get the docs they needed from my hoa they just let it go and pulled my home mod paperwork without even telling me.

    They dont care about me or the consumer they only care about getting the rediculously high interest they are charging me. They are horrible and dont have a clue of what they are doing. I hope they all rot in hell

  64. Penny Says:

    why cant we all do a class action lawsuit? Isnt there a lawyer out there who will take all these posts and make a case from them??

  65. Lindsey Taylor Says:

    For the love of God go to ANYBODY, even your local corner loan shark to get a mortgage before getting screwed over by Wells Fargo. Wells had our mortgage at 6%. We also had a second loan as a home improvement loan at 10% I was paying off early. THEY called US out of the blue and said we could refinance the 2 loans together as one at a lower rate. They made us pay fees and an appraisal upfront. This b.s. started in September and they dragged it out until December giving us a bunch of B.S. along the way every time I called about it. “UH, we lost the paper work, UH we had to send the paper work to AZ, UH, now it has to go to Des Moines” and blah blah blah. FINALLY after doing 3 credit checks on us(because they kept losing them)and dinging our credit score every time, they tell us they can’t do what the originally said and will only refinance a standard 80/20 loan. So basically after all of their lies and -BADWORD- after they contacted us, they were trying to back out because the deal we had currently was a better rate than the 80/20 they offered us in the end after months of the royal run around. We went to somebody else the next week, got an appraisal and fees wrapped up with one loan so we paid nothing, got a 4.5% rate for 15 years and wound up paying less on 1 mortgage than Wells Fargo was screwing us over for on a 30 year. This process took 2 weeks. I will NEVER recommend or give my business to Wells Fargo again. They are crooks and -BADWORD-s and one dept doesn’t have a freaking clue what the other is doing. I’d sooner live under a bridge if they were the last mortgage company on earth. DO NOT use these people to finance your home. You will get the total bone of a lifetime if you do. I will dance at their demise

  66. Linda Says:

    Our mortgage was sold four times in 15 years, and now wells Fargo has the account. They keep bugging me to do the automatic withdrawals. I am sticking to my guns over this. I like total control over my home loan account and how it is handled. I make extra on the principal each month. They want me to do bi weekly payments.. Why should that? i CAN PAY DIRECTLY TO PRINCIPAL. They would get interest faster if I did it their way.

    As far as automatic withdrawal, I don’t trust them to be responsible, and I ma not sharing my credit union account with them. Screw Wells Fargo. They are big cheaters and so are the others ones.

  67. Kay Says:

    I was a young 17 year old back then…didn’t know anything about credit card or credit score and I made the mistakes of banking with wells fargo ever since 2006. Then in 2007 I graduated and left for the Army. While in the Army I used my wells fargo’s credit card on almost everything and I had a credit line of $5,000 and my credit score was 780. How foolish was I that I didn’t know that in the long run that would come back to bite me in the ass and oh? Did I forgot to mentioned the $3 fee every month on my checking account for online bill pay which I never sign up for? Yeah that really took a toll on me when I was unaware and didn’t have any cash in my checking account and you guessed it? Overdraft from my credit card and the funny thing is the interest rate on it was 30%! YEAH! 30%! It would seem like the overdraft plus the fee’s were an endless nightmare on my behalf. It doesn’t matter how much I pay or how long I pay it just seems like I was only paying off my interest and nothing more. Then finally in 2008 I found out about USAA and how it really takes good care of its troop that banks with them I finally switch to USAA and ohhh boy! Did they have GREAT service! Oh lord they do! Finally I stopped banking with wells fargo and all my direct deposite and my credit cards or w/e I was doing is with USAA and let me tell you this 🙂 I wanted to take out a loan from Wells Fargo while I was with them and I was denied a loan and they send me a mail stating that inorder for me to get a loan from them I must put up my car or my house to be scure then the loan will go through! Guess what I did? I tossed away that letter and went right to USAA and got myself a loan right away not to mention their low interest rates. Guess what I did with that loan? Yup! You guessed it again! Throw that money in wells fargo’s face and walk away and never look back 🙂 The funny thing is with my $5,000 credit line and havning to barrow a loan from USAA to pay it off they cut that $5,000 to $3,000 lol I called and ask why this had happened and all they said was “it was because of the lack of fundings you have in your checkings account and you did not have any balance in your checkings account for the last 12 months” and I thought? Wow? There’s a bank like this out there? So I just hung up my phone and never look back because now I’m with USAA for life 🙂 Oh? btw USAA gives me interest for just having money in my checkings account and their reward program(cash back) is free unlike wells fargo! Where you have to pay a fee! to get rewarded! and for the most part if I use a ATM to withdraw my cash and they charged me, USAA will refund back w/e they charged me 🙂 Nice ey? Yes I agree 🙂 Thanks for reading my wells fargo’s nightmare ^^

  68. Michael P Says:

    Last year I started working for a company that issued their payroll through Wells Fargo. I had always had my account through US Bank, but after two of my paychecks had bounced I was told to open an account at Wells Fargo to prevent this from happening again (I know, dumb). After the first month with W.F. I was charged $15 because I didn’t transfer funds to a saving account like they require. That $15 caused my account to overdraft, and by the time all was said and done I owed them $75 or so. I complained and had them remove the savings account and haven’t had a problem since then. This morning I checked my account to see that it’s over-drafted again because they charge me a $15 monthly fee. So I called them and was told (rather rudely) that I will be charged $15 a month unless I have $5000 or more in my account, or put $75 a month into a savings. This time it caused my rent check to bounce and I have to pay my landlord fees on top of the banks shit. I asked them to close my account, but they said I have to pay the fees up first.. The fees that are only there from them to begin with. I have been complaining to everyone who will listen, but I’m sure it will make no difference.

  69. BN Says:

    I called two weeks ago to cancel my credit card for fraud. They did not cancel it and now I have 11 new charges. They said they cancelled it this time and I made sure they did. I was told by the fraud department to got to hell and they hung up. I THINK THEY HAVE A FRAUD RING ON THE INSIDE.

  70. ME Says:

    BN: I believe it. Sure would not surprise me, since upper management is certainly full of CROOKS and THIEVES, why not the lower employees too.


  71. Sandy Lee Says:


    They charged $10.00 service fees for savings accounts that have been free and charge weird overdraft fees for accounts that AREN’T overdrafted. O.o (Which shouldn’t even be happening because I opted out of overdraft protection in 2010).

    I know something fishy is going on. Can you imagine how much money they’re making off of their 70 million+ customers? Now, multiply $5 x 70,000,000 = 350 million dollars…PER MONTH and 4.2 BILLION dollars a YEAR FOR FREE! (shouldn’t you work for your money? scumbags.) and the fees are so miniscule that most people wouldn’t bother making a call or correcting the mistake. It’s a fucking travesty!


    I’m tired of dealing with wells fargo’s secret service and overdraft fees, i’m thinking of perhaps pursuing a CLASS ACTION SUIT. please contact me if you’re also interested!

    • Lori Says:

      Yes- I found out this morning that the “Overdraft Protection” I had with Wachovia that would transfer money from Way to Save acct to checking if over drafted now is not free. They charge you $12.50 for all overdrafts each day. Why bother with the protection… I am closing all accts in next few days. They will “fee” you to death. They agreed to refund $6.25 of the fee today and thought that was a strong gesture of customer service. Also hate their Bill pay- there are fees for that as well that Wachovia did not charge. On of the worst banks ever!!!!

  72. Sandy Lee Says:

    now, some people think I’m being petty “It’s $5! who cares? you’re being cheap.” well, this is what I have to say to those folks, “it’s so much more than the money! It’s about:

    1. The trust that you have with your banking institution; this trust is quickly undermined when you constantly have to police the bank’s actions to ensure that your account doesn’t have any unaccounted transactions. You assume that the bank wants to nurture your continued business relationship with their company, now why would they do things to undermine your trust?

    2. The time you waste (calling customer service, going to a bank branch) trying to correct problems.

    3. The UNNECESSARY and incurred stress from aforementioned time wasting and problem solving.

    Reason #2 and #3 is what pisses me off the most. yeah, I can always make more money, but what I can’t get back is the TIME I waste… NOTHING is going to be able to replace that wasted time… nothing. What tops the experience is the customer service rep who tries to be as unhelpful as possible in order to deter you from solving your problem. The more roadblocks to correcting the problem, the less likely the customer will want to exert the energy to fight.

    I have a million things going on in my life right now, do I really need to police my banking institution when they’re USING MY MONEY to do business? Wells Fargo NEEDS us to bank with them, we don’t particularly need them.

    Last year, wells fargo lost in a overdraft fees class action law suit and had to award the plaintiffs 203 MILLION dollars in restitution. (http://www.bank-overdraft.com/cases/wellsfargo.htm) so, please contact me if you’d like to pursue further action. It’s our money and they shouldn’t get away with stealing it!

    • evan hurrle Says:

      sandy, i am on board. I grow weary of these banks illegally fleecing there customers while the GOP tries to dissect the Dodd-Frank reform that still will not protect us enough. Everything changed in 1999 when Glass-Steagull was repealed in 1999, allowing personal banking to combine with other financial services. I am prepared to do what i can, we must use social media to put the word out. one step at a time we can get one person at a time stop doing business with wells fargo and other multinational predators. The goal is to hold these criminals accountable, put the word out. As you said it is the principle, contact me or check my facebook page. ebones101@yahoo.com


  73. evan hurrle Says:

    wow, Waldo i feel for you. My bank was bought by WF five years ago and i have used them minimally for the last few years. I still have a checking and overdraft protection account with them. My attempt to pay any balances and close my accounts with them has been a circus that has not yet ended.

    I refuse to let wells fargo abuse their customers and continue their abusive and illegal practices. We must open peoples eyes, we must make Everyone in congress realize that their attempts to curb financial reform are not acceptable to the American people.

    Your story and so many others are perfect examples of why regulation is necessary, Dodd-Frank does not go far enough but we must not allow our elected officials to scrap this law piece by piece. That is only the beginning I will not stop until the American public realizes how destructive these “to big to fail” banks are on our economy. We cannot allow this, congress will not address the issues with our banking system, and it is time for the public to demand that we be treated as customers and not prey. Perhaps it is time to return to a lawful separation of personal banking from other financial institutions? This was law in our country from 1933-1999, it took less than a decade from the inception of these megabanks to bring our economy to its knees. How long will it be before they create another crisis at our expense?

    Please visit my facebook page dedicated to bringing down wells fargo and all the banks that are “To Big To Fail.” They can only survive if we use their services if you have a choice find a small bank/credit union and get away from the multinational predators. Help me spread the word, contact me through facebook.


  74. evan hurrle Says:

    updated facebook link:


  75. Juliana Says:

    I miss Wachovia so much 😦 😦 😦
    Wells Fargo is HORRIBLE and I can’t wait to get an account with another bank. So sad Wachovia is now gone 😦

  76. carolyn carusotto Says:

    You DON”T need a GUN to rob a Wells Fargo Bank just a SAFE deposit box key.——-
    I signed a contract for a SAFE deposit box in 7/2009 . I am the only person on the contract that can be legally permitted access to the Safe deposit box. I was led to believe by the bank my family heir looms were safe in a vault in a bank . I believed The person permitted access to the box would most certainly HAVE to be ME. However, I was WRONG or should I say misled by the bank.
    WELLS FARGO allowed my daughter access to the box. MY daughter is not a customer of the bank and is not known to the bank at all. ( and NOT on the contract.)SO basically she was someone 25 years younger then ME who walked into the bank off the street. Showed them a key said my name and was permitted access to my box.
    NEVER once was she asked to show ID . If WELLS FARGO would have simply asked for ID or checked the signature on the original contract against hers –MY Mom’s diamond rings would still be safe. I would have my family heir looms. My mom passed away a few years ago those rings were PRICELESS to me. (That’s why I put them in a SAFE deposit box.)
    This happened in January 2011 .
    WELLS Fargo response is corporate lawyers running up legal bills that I can’t afford. NO settlement to date.
    Simply asked for ID this would NOT have happened.
    I have complied with every request Wells Fargo has made to date.
    1)GIA appraisals original and replacement value
    2)A copy of police report filed in Jan. 2011
    Wells Fargo is a huge corporation with billions of dollars.
    I am a Nurse with limited funds.
    Wells Fargo home of the UNSAFE deposit box.

  77. jp Says:

    best thing is withdraw all and open with a local bank! they all should burn in hell

  78. no no Says:

    Wells Fargo is a greedy evil bank that charges fees for everything. Now they want to charge 10 dollars a month for a checking account unless you meet a LOT of criteria. DO NOT BANK WITH WELLS FARGO.

  79. Devon L Wilson Says:

    Here is something I think we should all sue them for. If you use there ATM.. It says you will pay a $3.00 fee.. But then you visit your Account for your Bank. They also takes a $1.50 out of your account.. So you actually Pays $4.50 to use their ATM..

    This is definitely criminal activities by Wells Fargo. I am planning and taking this to a higher level..! They are bankers of criminals.

    • ME Says:

      Yes, Wells-Fargo is a CRIMINAL organization, as are Bank of America, etc, etc. However, I don’t know why BofA is getting all the attention, WF is even MORE crooked!!!


  80. Joe Boo Says:

    Wells Fargo has progressively gotten worse over the years, the bigger they get the less they care. They have taken money out of my account under many circumstances and literally cleared out my savings when they admittedly didn’t know why they took a certain amount, I had to go and show the lady if things had been done correctly and legally how much I should have in my account , she seemed confused and when I spoke to them on the phone I had the same reaction , basically we don’t understand why they took what they took but it must be right if they did it. they never gave my money back and now again this morning they have screwed me . I am stranded and just realized they never sent my new card. since today is the first I can’t use this one. so in our busy lives yes should know when the card is up but right now I am working 10 hours days and taking on jobs for 5 persons who was laid off I come work and go home and sleep literally. So I was hoping just once they would go the extra mile and over night my card, but noooooo that would be too nice and too easy, so I have to find a way to work until I can get to my bank which is in a another town and get funds. I would leave them but I have two sons in college and everything in under this account, they got me by the balls and they squeeze as hard as they want to , I would love to see a reform sweep this country and put the banks in their place.
    but no politician not even Obama who is bought by Wall Street

  81. adri Says:

    I recently started working at WF. What did i get myself into!!! They treat their customers like crap, they basically dont care that good hard working ppl are loosing their homes. I’m very unhappy working there. I’m starting to look for another job. They pay is good..but its NOT workt it!.. DONT WORK OR BANK AT WF. THEY ARE EVIL!!!!

  82. Grandma Says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    Wells Fargo has stole grandmas money and won’t apply payment or give the money back as they charge her $28 a day!?! Yes this is true and there is a lawsuit filed….please share!

    Facebook: grandmagotrunoverbywellsfargo
    Also checkout: Facebook: we declare war on wells Fargo and wells Fargo sucks

  83. Magnus Says:

    I’ve been badgered for two months by a Wells Fargo mortgage rep, (scatch that – salesman) to refinance. I finally agreed only to be met with a 60 day time frame to get this done.

    Meanwhile their NOT-OUT-OF-THE-BOX thinking underwriters claim I have too much credit outstanding (ON THE LINE THEY GAVE ME) having used $65k of $150k to do a remodel on my house, which is worth $1,150,000. We have PERFECT credit, not a dime on credit cards and make $350k annually. We’re banking money every month of top of paying our mortgage.

    All this because I switched my status from being a W-2 employee to a 1099 employee because I can save $49k in my I-401K instead of $16,500 in an employer provided 401k. My wife and I have improved the value of our homes, increased the value of our bank accounts and the numb-nuts at Wells Fargo think myopically. It’s to hard to work with stupid people.

  84. Sick Of Getting Hosed by Wells Fargo! Says:

    WELLS FARGO IS A BUNCH OF CROOKS! They have ripped us off to the tune of THOUSANDS of dollars on an auto loan, and have drug their feet continuously resolving the issue that THEY messed up! They charged us over $3K in insurance even though WE WERE COVERED by State Farm (full coverage). We had to submit proof of insurance five times, and they STILL lost our insurance information, still billing us for insurance. We called WF and they agreed to put our account on hold until they went about refunding this money to our account. They agreed we would have no payments during this hold time, and would not be charged interest. Both were LIES! Friday (three days ago) we called WF and they assured us that they would resolve the issue this coming week (this has been going on for almost a year now). Tonight, without a phone call, contact, or any form of communication from WF (what else is new, they NEVER return phone calls), we were met by a recovery agent to pick the vehicle up! This was a complete shock to us! They ended up taking our only vehicle, and my fiancee has got to go to work early tomorrow morning. She will now have to call into work. Despite all the promises to send one, we STILL had not gotten any itemized statement showing a running balance from the inception of the loan. Our latest bill showed that we still had not been credited the money for the other $1200 in insurance, much less the accrued interest, and even shows we owed less money than the paperwork that they sent to the recovery agent. Apparently they are having trouble getting their lies straight! We attempted to contact the dealer services regarding the issue, and talked to the evening supervisor who was rude, hostile, and threatening, shouting that he was going to call the police and have me arrested for not releasing the vehicle! Thankfully, the wrecker driver was good enough to set the idiot straight and tell him that I have been very cooperative, and that I just want to try to get this resolved tonight. We will be contacting the WF agent that has been handling this whole nightmare tomorrow morning, but my wife will still have to miss a day’s work, we are still MAJORLY put out by this whole mess, now will have a recovery hit on our good credit (plus who knows what else they had done to it, we shall see this week)… all over THEIR mistakes and lies!!! BE WARNED, WELLS FARGO WILL COMPLETELY RIP YOU OFF!!!! DO NOT GO TO THEM!!! We will get an attorney involved, if need be, and thankfully this involves a vehicle, something relatively small compared to mortgage. I shrug to think of all those poor people who they conned out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even their homes! THESE PEOPLE ARE CON ARTISTS PLAYING A SHELL GAME WITH YOUR MONEY AND MINE, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting part is that my tax dollars funded these thugs!

    UPDATE: Contacted WF this morning, and they told me that they do not want to do business with us anymore, therefore I will have to fork up the complete BALANCE in full by the 20th of this month or else they will take the vehicle and sell it! This is a direct lie from what they told me last night. I asked YET AGAIN for my balance, and they told me that I will owe $16,943! Last night it was $16,100, even though the recovery guy said that they gave him paperwork reflecting we will owe $15,500 or so, and despite the fact that we have a bill from WF for $14,900, and this is BEFORE they refund our insurance in interest that they have guaranteed us. I have contacted an attorney, and will be pursuing them for their misrepresentation, lies, and con games! I recommend everyone with WF do the same thing before they do the same to you, too!

  85. Mark tompkins Says:


    I just created a petition: Wells Fargo: STOP CHARGING CUSTOMERS $2.50 FOR USING NON WELLS FARGO ATMS, because I care deeply about this very important issue.

    I’m trying to collect 1,000,000 signatures, and I could really use your help.

    To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:


    It’ll just take a minute!

    Once you’re done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!


  86. susan Says:

    They are holding one of my mortgage paymetns as unapplied funds and makes it look like I’m late on a payment I’m not and charge me fees on it. They are crooks

  87. Claudia Says:

    does anyone know if any legal action can be taken against them?

  88. JD Says:

    Ok, ok…my turn. These wonderful vultures not only set me up with a loan modification that I paid in full AND on time for 13 months, but then I find out that not a single payment was credited AND they placed $15850 on the end of the loan, AND then they placed late fees on the 13 months of “non-payments” (of course that’s not all) THEN they increased my escrow for those “non-payments”. THAT’S RIGHT, FOLKS… I have effectively paid 3 times for not being able to pay my regular payment. Thanks ASC (Wells Fargo). With friends like you, who needs armed robbers in a bad economy?

  89. kreiderdD Says:

    We had Wachovia and had free overdraft protection on our checking account. When Wells Fargo came along, we got a bill one month telling us we were charged $60 for two overdraft charges. Apparently they kept some of our services active, but dropped others, like the overdraft service.

    We got things taken care of and set up the overdraft again (of course not getting a refund), and thought all was well. When we received another overdraft a few weeks later, I was pissed, to say the least. Well, apparently I hadn’t read the fine print, and even though we had “overdraft protection,” there was still a fee associated with overdrafting. While the fee was smaller than a regular overdraft, the whole situation would have been avoided if Wells Fargo didn’t suck.

  90. Phil Says:

    Screwed by Wells thevos on June 11, 2012 from poughkeepsie, new york, US

    Banks made 7.1 billion in customer fees in 2010…they got me for about $1000.00 within 3 weeks…NO CALL to notify me the account was having issues, waithed until the fees added up…After six years it took me to call them to tell me that my account was being closed for someones elses mistake….BASTARDS!..they can go to H**!!…Can’t wait till they need bailing out or go out of business. If you work for Wells Fargo GOOD LUCK cuz eventually people won’t continue to put up with their c*ap. they onmly cater to people and businesses with deep pockets and STEP on the little guy…Stick with your credit unions and community banks.

    • ME Says:

      We are FREE of Wells-Fuckass. We closed all our accounts, and will NEVER do business with them again.

  91. Becky Says:

    Have had the same checking account for decades… fine with First Union, fine with Wachovia and now, unfortunately it has fallen to Wells Fargo.

    Bad in so many ways, but a brief rundown:

    -Staff has NO IDEA how to perform simple transactions such as a wire transfer, regardless of which branch you go to in which state. You are much better off at the WalMart service desk if you want to transfer money. Had this experience on 5 separate occasions at various branches. Each branch appears to have 1 person with some sort of knowledge and you better hope that person is not at the dentist or out for the day, or with another customer or you will wait hours.

    -Staff not authorized to handle any large volume transactions – must wait for a “STORE MANAGER” (that’s right, not a branch manager) if they bother to come in to work to sign off on a large deposit. (Seriously!!!!)

    -Holds deposits of local business checks for NINE DAYS. Any and all check deposits of $5,000 or more are held for NINE DAYS. I am not making this *&!% up.

    -Transfers online between accounts owned by the same person disappear immediately from one account but takes a minimum 1 day, or more, to appear in the other.

    -Wire transfer disapeared from my account immediately but took FOUR DAYS to get to the recipient. They should have had it within an hour. Delayed closing on a property for 4 days due to their bumbling idiocy. Thank goodness we were planning to move later anyway.

    -They are cons when it comes to insurance. They are actually licensed to sell insurance. If you have a home equity line, they will tell you that you need to carry more insurance. Then automatically bill you for the premium they are selling you at a rate FOUR TIMES higher than Citizens charges. Plan to spend many, many hours on the phone and faxing evidence that you are adequately insured by another source!

    -They bill for services that were always free in the past, like sending a statement ($2). Checks were always free in the past, no longer.

    -They served us a few weeks ago with papers listing us as a defendant in a foreclosure suit on a property that has nothing to do with us. We used to own it, then sold it to a single lady in 2004. The buyer took out a Wachovia loan in 2010 and is foreclosing. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with us, the title was transferred and there was title insurance. But we were served with threatening papers and had to file a response to the County Clerk within 20 days!!! (Basically saying WTH, this has nothing to do with us, immediately remove our name from the proceedings.) Again, I am not making this $3!& up!

    I understand that they are in business to make money, but their practices are nefarious.

    PS – Yes, I have brought all of the above to the attention of customer service. They don’t give a rip! This bank is too busy trying to figure out how to screw people over and make money on the float. A float of one day – fine. But NINE DAYS!?!?!?!!!Sorry, I still can’t get over it….

    Looking for a new bank.

    End of rant.

    • Barb Says:

      “Becky says” is absolutely correct about WF and its money float policies! These are cases where WF clearly had the money and there was no risk of loss to the bank. I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t happened to me … more than once on LARGE deposits. WF gave me credit for a very small amount of the money and held the rest for 10 days – not because there was any risk of loss – AS THE ITEMS WERE CLEARED AND WF ALREADY HAD THE MONEY – but because they could – and that’s pretty much what they told me. They wouldn’t allow you to use their money for free for 10 days! WF abuses people when they believe they can. Wells Fargo doesn’t deserve anyone’s business. Disgusting; no longer a reason to keep this acct open!

  92. Che Says:

    Yep. I was with first union bank in southern NJ from 1996, they were bought out by Wachovia and I was very happy and often times recommended my bank over the other local choices. Never had a problem until wells Fargo took over…. I read over the countless pieces of paperwork, only to find myself confused and frustrated. I noticed that the lines at the bank and drive through were becoming longer, and then they started charging $5/month because I don’t use direct deposit? I’m a bartender and deal with cash, lots of it. I was putting 4-6 times what the direct deposit monthly limit was set at in order for me to avoid the $5 monthly fee and yet they were charging me??? If I had a lower income job w direct deposit then no charges? What sense does that make? I closed my checking and savings account and moved to PNC, and when I did, the bank associate who knew me for years didn’t try to stop me or talk me out of it, it seemed like she had a genuine disdain for the way wells Fargo operates and informed me that she was getting used to dealing w irate customers ever since the switch. After 16 years of banking/saving at the same establishment, I was all too happy to jump ship and I’m glad I did. Wells Fargo truly does suck.

  93. WFNOOB Says:

    They make you in wording join online banking or be charged. They will charge a monthly fee after getting you to do online banking & having x amount of accounts and 3 other bs criteria plus 1 or get charged. Complete bullshit after being a customer for only 7 months I can’t wait to get out asap before more fees start for absolutely no reason as I do not use them at all in the first place.

  94. Bill Says:

    The money transfer agreement that Wells Fargo requires is stopping me in my tracks. I would encourage you to read the terms and conditions carefully before you click the ‘agree’ button. Paragraph 2B specifically gives Wells Fargo and other participating institutions the right to “make telephone calls…in order to discuss…products and services…include using prerecorded/artificial voice messages and/or through the use of an automatic dialing device.” Paragraph 5B states, “You irrevocably waive any provision of our Privacy Policy which would prevent us from providing this information.” In effect, Wells Fargo is sneaking into this long money transfer agreement the right to undo what took an act of the United States Congress to stop abusive telemarketing.

  95. WF hater Says:

    Wells Fargo Sucks and has sucked for years. I was shopping for a new mortgage a few years ago. They wouldn’t even give me a look. The day my mortgage closed. They bought my mortgage.
    Also. They will ding you any chance they can get. A dollar here $3 there. Transfers from the savings to checking $3 freakin dollars. I moved away from MN. where WF is big and moved to VA. I got an account with Wachovia. Very good account. Back up account made interest. No charge for auto transfers to checking. WF just bought Wachovia a few months back I check my statement and they are charging me for everything. I went to an ATM and deposited a check and didn’t get a reciept. Yes, I did ask for one…. So I put my card back in to get a printout of just my balance. They wanted a dollar. Screw that. I am moving my accounts. THEY SUCK the BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are money grubbing Bastards!

  96. james j gassy Says:

    i have accounts in wells fargo and i am 73yrs of age, but after reading all the detramental things about them i think i better change my bank.

  97. WR Says:

    I’m so tired of Wells Fargo-and Empire should dump them as I’ll never use them again because of Wells Fargo-that I’ll save you the freekin’ stories-other than the unbelievable “…yes sir, we have your payment posted [I always pay the VERY next day], and you did pay on time but, well, let me check….our policy says that we can’t credit your account for late fees….even though you weren’t actually late!”
    It was clear they were going to get something out of me somehow-as I wasn’t paying any interest as they planned on. So I wrote a check and paid it off. Now Wells Fargo will lose business (over $1 mil. from Brother’s mortgage which he just left WF for another bank, plus at leat 3 other Empire customers due to their affiliation.
    Now you can do what you want.

  98. john Says:

    great post. just paid off my mortgage to WF yesterday via wire transfer and it still is not posted as a 0 balance.

    Only makes sense to do business with a local credit union!

  99. Art Collector Says:

    I recently visited an art Gallery, and when I was told they could give me 0% interest for 12 months and no payments for 90 days, it sounded like a good idea. When they brought out the paperwork my heart sunk as I saw it was Wells Fargo Jewelry Advantage. But I figured, heck I guess it’s worth it and how bad can it be…

    I like to pay my bills online, and finally found where I could pay online. I could not view balances or anything else, just make a payment from my checking account. It looks like it was via an outsourced 3rd party processor. Oh well, at least it worked… for awhile anyway. Wells Fargo decided to switch things up. They changed their site, and I have been trying to sign up / sign in for 3 days now. The system either says my information is invalid, or that their system is unavailable… so I don’t know which it is. Am I really entering information that is not recognized, or is the system really unavailable. I get a different message every time.

    So today I called customer service, I got stuck in a phone tree loop for about 5 minutes, then finally got an option to speak with customer service, then got put on hold for 15 minutes, then the system played a message: “Sorry, no answer, the call is being disconnected. WTF ?? !!! I friggin hate Wells Fargo !!! I hate Wells Fargo !!!

  100. Bill Sommerfeldt Says:

    My December 2012 checking account statement showed three checks written and deducted from my account fraudulently. I called WF. They said it looked as though these were unauthorized and said they would cancel this account and open a new one for me. I said I had numerous direct deposts and deductions monthly and did not wany to go through the hassle of contacting all those sources and changing as I could imagine all the problems that would create. I’ve had this account for almost 50 years. They agreed to handle the transfer internally and I did not to cancel my account.
    Although they credited me for the three amounts they went ahead and cancelled my account and transfered the balance to a new account.
    I complained and asked to speak to a manager and find out how they could cash three cheks with numbers over 6000 out of sequence. They tansfered me to four different departments. I finally talked to someone in CA. I asked them if this was reported as a theft and they said no, but I could report it to my local police if I chose.
    These people are too big to fail and too big to care. My account will be cancelled as soon as all the details are arranged.

  101. Packerfan4life Says:

    I opened a new checking/savings account with them about 12 months ago. So far I was hit by at least a $100 in all kinds of fees, that I had no idea about. This is the first bank I dealt with that cost me this much money in my entire life. This bank news on your wallet, stay away.

  102. Mad13 Says:

    Wachovia was 10 times better these retards at the Amelia , VA branch. and I got names jamison chapman ass and the retard manger of the branch. bad thing they are across from the police station want to punch them in the face. been in jail before might be worth it.

  103. Tomas Golder Says:

    Out here in the west- I have learned to, NEVER get a Wells Fargo acct for anything! NEVER deposit a WF check into my bank, always go stand in line-cash it and deposit in person. NEVER let them copy my id cards. NEVER expect less than five people waiting for one teller to finally get down to business-middle of the business day. NEVER let them have any of my other banks routing info. NEVER expect them to be anything but complete idiot crooks.

  104. J. Porter Says:

    Wells Fargo gave me SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY, with whom I had an account with in the past that had been closed. It was only by a weird coincidence that I had ever found out what really happened.

    When I called them to tell them the mistake, they said “We would never do something that stupid”. When I had them look it up, they quickly deposited the balance I had originally wanted to withdraw and placed it in the person’s account.

    This was all for a trip inside the bank that took 40 minutes. For a line. With about 6 customers.

    I have never closed an account faster!

  105. Brandon Says:

    How about WF Home Mort having TWO MONTHS of mortgage payments in their unapplied funds?? That is what I have as of this morning. Shows today 31 days past due online. I click on details of the payments, it shows both straight to unapplied funds. Says total amount to bring current is about $150 less than what should be in unapplied funds. I paid these through by good, quality banks online bill payments. I will be checking my credit report to see if it shows late. They open in about 5 mins and I will be in the phone. Amazingly worst bank ever.

  106. Laura Says:

    I HATE Wells Fargo….I have a mortgage with them and that totally Sucks!
    I had a flood and was sent a cheque from my insurance company, went to wells fargo and was forced to open an account that I didn’t want, and then after an hour I was told that the cheque would take 10 days to clear the first $2800, and the other $5800 would take 2 weeks……as the cheque is not from Wells Fargo then they told me it always takes this long for funds to be verified….really???? Coz when I pay my mortgage they snatch that money out the same day but to hold a cheque, I’m up to date on my mortgage, for 2 weeks???!!! after 5 days I tried to use my card in Publix which was rejected due to ‘insufficient funds’ I then called the bank, of course autoamted, can’t get a human, was informed that I was overdrawn by $400!!!!!!! NEVER EVER OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT OR EVEN consider it…they are the worst bank I’ve ever dealt with!!

  107. sheila Says:

    I had some internet scam get onto my account charging me .50 cents a day and having a low baksnce was cgarged 35.00 each time until they said i owed 310! Now their debt collectors call me 3-5 times a day and dont leave messages. I dont answer but i .work 3rd shift and use phone as alarm and even the vibration wakes me

  108. Gregory Says:

    One thing about Wells Fargo, they suck now and they have since I was a kid!

    Decades ago my college roommate wrote me a $2 check on Wells Fargo (it was to settle a wager) and when I went to a branch they refused to cash it because I didn’t have an account with them.

    So, I cashed it at my Credit Union.

    Today, just to prove to myself that Wells Fargo sucks as bad as ever, I attempted to cash a $248 check from a friend. Even though I presented two forms of government ID (my drivers license as well as my Federal Law Enforcement ID and badge) they said; “We’ll have to call her first.”

    I told them not to bother (she’s an anesthesiologist and I’d be bummed if the Doc gassing me was interrupted by a phone call from Wells Fargo during my surgery), helped myself to two of their free bottles of water and walked across the street to my Credit Union where they graciously cashed the check.

    What I simply ‘don’t get’ is why anyone would bother with a Commercial Bank, especially one as crappy as Wells Fargo, when Credit Union membership is available to practically every single American.

  109. Wells Fargo: Sucking Since 2008 … and Beyond | Says:

    […] 10 Reasons Wells Fargo Sucks – A warning to new customers […]

  110. Arthur Vandalay Says:

    I think people get upset at the employees, trust me I do sometimes but I have to check myself. The real dumb asses are the Wells Fargo execs and operations people. They put the F in Wells Fargo and still operate like the horse and buggy on their logo.

  111. Sammie Says:

    WellsFRAUDgo – one big PIGGYBank.

  112. Sammie Says:

    This greedy institution should be SHUT DOWN, the Execs LOCKED UP, and the key THROWN AWAY.

    Fraud, theft, deception, extortion, racketeering…CRIMINALS.

  113. Michael Says:

    Well I have just learned that there is a limit to how much I can spend on my debit card. I wish to purchase a PC, the amount is $2200, They say I can only spend $1500 dollars a day. I have been a wells fargo customer for 20 yrs, paid the outrageous fees, gotten a settlement check because of the fee bullshit. I have over 2500 in my account and trying to buy over the internet, and the rep says it probably wont go through, once in a bluemoon it will go through, sometimes the first transaction of the day will go through, but it is up to the system. They cannot decline on request so that I can try the transaction another way. So I have to roll the dice and hope that it doesn’t go through so that I can make the transaction through another option.

  114. John nostro Says:

    I know how you feel in 2008 my wife and I were taken by wells Fargo and silver state mortgage they told me to miss a payment on my house to get into a refinance then one day I came home to get something there were twenty people standing in my driveway they were auctioning off my house by the next day at six in the morning a black BMW pulled up at my house guy run up to my door put a foreclosure notice on my door house was sold same day to an invested for half price and one hundred fifty thousand dollars was taken out of my wells Fargo savings account I called the fbi they told me to fuck off and hung up on me I never got my house or my money back!!! I have been in a world of shut ever since.

  115. Sammie Says:

    The arrogance is astounding. Seriously, do they really think that their actions have no consequences?? Temporarily, maybe, but not for long. Their destination: straight to: “H” “E” double-toothpicks.

  116. LML Says:

    Our story with Wells Fargo is just as horrendous. Promises by them were never met. Hidden fees were exorbitant. 35 years of dedicated patronage spit on by them. When I get out of this temporary financial burden I’m in, I will join anyone who wants to inform the public of their cheating, lying practices.

  117. Craig Wellington Says:

    WELLS FARGO associated service FIRSTDATA is a JOKE. They closed my statement account. Now as a merchant I am unable to see my online statements yet they charge me to use that website. It is mind boggling! Stay Away from Well Fargo and FirstData. They are allegedly criminal!

  118. Shawn Says:

    It seems to me that Wells Fargo is very slick with extra fees. They remind me of AT&T. Here’s what happened to me recently.
    Three years ago I put a stop payment on what I believed to be a single payment to a credit card company out of my checking account, because I instead wired them the money because the payment due date was sooner than I had thought. Ever since then I have been paying the same credit card company out of my Wells Fargo checking account through the credit card companies website (First Premier Bank) and every month Wells Fargo has paid them. However, this last month Wells Fargo decided to stop payment (twice) to First Premier Bank for my credit card payment. First Premier closed my credit card account and reported it to the credit agencies. I called Wells Fargo and asked why they did this and they claimed that my stop payment request three years ago allowed them to stop the payments. I asked them how come they had been paying for the past three years and they said that they didn’t know the answer to that question. That conversation was with their customer service department. I then went to the bank the next day and sat down with a banker and asked the same questions. She told me that she couldn’t see any stop payment activity and that only customer service could see such information about my account. She just passed the buck, and she was snide when she did it.
    Wells Fargo basically ruined my credit that I was trying to repair in good faith. If what Wells Fargo did isn’t a crime then it should be.
    I’m going to be banking elsewhere very soon.

  119. Robert Says:

    I just got screwed by wells fargo i hate them

  120. Marcos Saiz Says:

    I hate wells Fargo in midland texas! They rip people off!

  121. John Says:

    This bank is fucking useless and they do not care about long time customers. I had a utility bill that was paid and cleared five days ago, and they are trying to take it out of my account again, throwing my account into a negative balance. Phone call placed to a utility company, and they are just as useless and cannot do anything, I have to call the bank,.
    So here is where they do not give a good god damn shit about their clients…
    Spoke to a rep, claim was submitted. 10 business days until it is resolved. Any charges associated with this will be reimbursed EXCEPT for charges companies will charge me for items being returned. I have several automated bills coming out today and tomorrow. I was told it can be expedited and a provisional credit be placed on my account.
    Transferred to claim specialist.
    No such thing as a provisional credit. They don’t even see the claim, will take 24-48 hours to show on their system (even though it’s fucking instantaneously showing on my account… God forbid someone/thing gets in the way of their money changing hands).

    So I have to wait 10 days. Watch approx 14 automated payments bounce throwing the account into more and more of a negative balance and will have to pay the penalty on these payments being returned.

    Not one person is a human being who has one ounce of decency and willing to go above and beyond, or even a meet on level playing field, unwilling to do anything to help.

  122. Ty Says:

    Just an update for everyone…they still suck. They have screwed up so many times I’m ready to switch banks. Honestly, I’m only using them these days because they’re on my way home. Terrible customer service if anything happens, they link cards to the wrong bank accounts, point the finger at you if money gets stolen from your account and have terrible banking hours. I’ve been with Wachovia since 2005 and never had a problem and then Wells Fargo bought them out and for about 2 or 3 years everything was ok, but then suddenly in the span of a year I must have had 5 major problems with them. For a company that uses my money to make money for them they sure know how to make their customers hate them.

  123. Doug Says:

    Simple gripe. Wells Fargo used to be an industry leader in Online Banking. Not so much anymore.

    When sending electronic payments to large payment processors (paying your AMEX, Verizon, AT&T, or Citibank bill), they send these payments electronically, not with a mailed check.

    As a long time BofA customer, I know from experience that these payments go out electronically over night, and they are posted by the receiving party the next day.

    Just like an email, or text, these electronic payments are sent & received in split-seconds. So if hypothetically, if I pay my AMEX bill (Sat, Sun, or Mon) using online banking, that payment is sent electronically Monday night, and received and posted by AMEX a split second later.

    But not with Wells Fargo and it’s process. Instead it takes 1-3 days to process/send Wells Fargo’s electronic payments. Heck, in some cases you can mail a check and get it processed in that same amount of time.

    Of course, if I check my account online, they’ve withdrawn the money from my account, but when I check the payee, they haven’t received it. Sounds fishy, huh?

    Why does Wells Fargo take so long to process something that takes it’s competitors a fraction of the time? No idea. I called customer service, and they had absolutely no clue.

    The only conceivable explanation is that Wells Fargo is creating an opportunity to profit off the float. That means that they take the money out of their customer’s accounts, and just hold it for a bit of time, before passing it along to it’s intended recipient. They then make interest on your money during that short period of time that they hold it.

    The interest on a single customer’s payment is small, but multiply it by millions of customers and you get the idea. Millions of customers moving billions of dollars, and it adds up fast. Similar to their checking account scandal, they’ve found another way to screw their valued customers .

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